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As a forward thinking business you aspire to develop a resilient, high performance environment that adapts well to change. You also understand that creating a culture of engagement starts at the top.

“The behaviours of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability…Highly engaged business units achieve 59% less turnover” in high turnover organisations and “24% less turnover” in low turnover organisations” Gallup, 2017

It is essential that your people vision, organisational structure, and people ops frameworks and practices are aligned to your overall vision, and that as leaders you create authenticity and trust by driving empowered behaviours.

If you’d like to achieve this in your business, here is how we will work together:

Working with me

Discover : People Vision & Strategy

(Project basis)
A deep dive into the business to benchmark and provide a HR health check, identifying areas to grow, support and manage your team. Define a vision and create a customised People Vision & Strategy. DISC behavioural analysis available.

Design & Implement : An Exceptional People Experience

(Project basis & Retainer service):
Working alongside business leaders on either a project basis or for a retained period based on an agreed number of days per month [Tailored to each client based on the scope and nature of the framework and initiatives] to create a framework and implement policies and practices that will enable successful scaling. DISC behavioural analysis available.

Develop : People Leaders

(Project basis):
Supporting individual leaders and teams who would like to focus on growth and development in order to up-level their productivity, responsibilities, communication and motivations.

LEAD coaching: 6-month Leadership Programme with Team Coaching

One-to-One coaching: a 3-month Coaching Programme for Individuals

DISC behavioural analysis is available to use as a tool across ‘Discover,Design‘ and ‘Develop‘ to set a baseline and measure improvement. Learn more

DISC Analysis – What can it do for you?

Behaviour profiling and analysis

75% of the Fortune 500 are reported to use a behavioural analysis assessment, helping to unlock the potential of leaders and teams by gaining insights into fears, motivators, values and behaviour at work.

DISC is a personal assessment tool that helps individuals gain deeper insights in their behavioural tendencies, and improve teamwork, communication and productivity. It also provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with.

DISC helps you build stronger more effective working relationships by

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Understanding colleagues behaviour
  • Improving teamwork
  • Identifying areas for development
  • Managing more effectively
  • Motivating and engaging team members
  • Making conflict more productive
  • Improving sales
  • Setting a template of the ideal culture, roles and leadership styles to deliver results

Is your growing business ready for a HR health-check? Are you ready to identify areas to grow, support and manage your team?

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