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Louise Demetriou
Human Resources with a Growth Mindset Approach

I’m not here to just write policies for you. I’m here to make sure your business gets the right structures and strategies in place.

Working with Founders and CEOs, I’m a consultant that develops people strategies for continued growth and to drive success. These strategies help you attract and retain top talent, increase output, grow revenue and what keeps your people motivated to work towards your mission.

Cultivating an exceptional people experience isn’t just means your team is more likely to engage with your people, systems, practices and workspace.

It spans the whole employment lifecycle: from attraction and recruitment, on-boarding, talent management, learning and growth, reward and recognition, succession and exit.

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Consulting & Coaching Services

Using my extensive experience in HR, I’ve designed my Review – Identify – Define approach that will transform the way your company manages the most important asset – your team!

Discover phase is recommended to establishing the As-Is as well as to measure success, Design and Develop services can be booked individually or as a combination.

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Benchmarking & Roadmap


People Vision & Strategy

Benchmarking and analysis will help you: 

  • Identify any gaps in employment practices
  • Receive honest feedback from your team
  • Understand levers for growth
  • Define your vision and strategy

This will be achieved through:

  • One-2-Ones with managers
  • Focus groups
  • Engagement surveys
  • Reviewing current practices
  • Ideating solutions


  • Comprehensive review process
  • Fully developed roadmap detailing priorities and time-frames
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Establish Infrastructure & Implement


An Exceptional People Experience

Implementing infrastructures and practices will help you:

  • Understand how to measure performance and effectiveness
  • Recognise what tools are needed for driving career progression
  • How to attract talent
  • How to retain the best people
  • What policies will cultivate the culture you desire

This will be achieved by:

  • Working directly with you and your teams
  • A business partner approach
  • Building policies and frameworks to fulfil your people vision and strategy
  • Developing the culture for sustained growth


  • Embedded business partner to design and implement engaging people experiences and practices that work for your needs
  • Recruitment and/or mentoring of in-house HR function to continue working on strategy and priorities
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Coaching & Leadership Development


People Leaders

Coaching & Leadership Development will help you:

  • Build an exceptional team
  • Increase employee engagement and work satisfaction
  • Uplevel your business and stand out from the crowd

This will be achieved by:

  • A bespoke, immersive leadership development programme
  • Harnessing neuroscientific techniques
  • Cultivating a success mindset and empowered leadership behaviours
  • Providing the missing ingredient to lift your company above the competition


  • Empowered leaders and inspired high performing teams to take your business to the next level
  • Employee engagement and happiness levers improved

I successfully help CEOs and Founders

Implement best in class policies and practices to reduce people problems

Retain top talent

Recruit the best people

Develop future leaders

Increase employee engagement and work satisfaction

Deepen human connections, resonance and well-being

Cultivate a trusting and inclusive culture

Overcome feelings of procrastination, overwhelm and stress

Improve empathy, agility and self-awareness

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“We were looking for a HR specialist who could help our business, advising on best practice and writing policies to support our team and ensure compliance from a legal perspective . After an initial conversation with Louise about our brief and expectations, she asked insightful questions to understand our requirements and gain all the information needed to plan the project and provide realistic timeframes. As well as working on the initial brief, Louise reviewed our employee handbook to ensure it was fit-for-purpose. We enjoyed working with Louise and felt confident in her experience and expertise. We are very happy with the work she produced for Carmaco and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Ed Gascoigne-Pees (Partner), Camarco (Capital Market Communications Ltd)
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Louise. Her exceptional expertise in HR and Coaching greatly attributed to not only my personal development by helping me to build confidence in this challenging field, but also the support building a HR strategy that helped our company excel over the last few years.<br />
Throughout our working relationship, Louise has consistently showed her dedication and support whenever it was needed. I can always count on her for reliable and re-assuring HR advice. </p>
<p>Louise takes pride in her work and is very solution orientated. Her sense of compassion and understanding perfectly compliments her business acumen.</p>
<p>I feel lucky to have worked alongside Louise on my journey to becoming a HR Director and continue to do so.
Louise is a strong and practical HR leader and consultant who leveraged her insight, business acumen, and experience to implement an effective board structure for our business. Louise’s warm and positive energy meant that we all felt well supported during a such a daunting and exciting process. She is also an excellent coach and mentor to our Asc Director, and with her support and guidance was instrumental in our Asc HR Director gaining the position of HR Director. Louise is still on hand to advise and guide her to continued success. She was able to build relationships quickly, we gained trust in her abilities and she is well respected in our company. Louise is a true professional and it's a pleasure and highly beneficial to have her guidance and advice on an ongoing basis.  Louise is a true professional and it's a pleasure and highly beneficial to have her guidance and advice on an ongoing basis.

Is your growing business ready for a HR health-check? Are you ready to identify areas to grow, support and manage your team?

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