“…and then, out of nowhere, a huge curveball presented itself forcing me into a situation of complete anxiety, fear and disillusionment!”

Louise Demetriou

Photo: Donna Duke Llande

“…and then, out of nowhere, a huge curveball presented itself forcing me into a situation of complete anxiety, fear and disillusionment!”

Louise Demetriou

about me and my vision



The Big Why

First, an admission: I don’t care much for the term Human Resources. HR is about so much more than humans as a resource – or it should be.

Yes, we are all human, but we are empathic, fascinating, and complex individuals with our own unique qualities and insights. We are people, and that’s what we really should be talking about.

Call To Adventure

Without a doubt, the thing that has been a constant thread throughout my life is my love of people. It’s in my blood. I grew up a proud Yorkshire girl in a close nit family so values, authenticity, connection and, yes, challenge, have made me, and helped drive every decision in my life.

Fast forward to school-leaving, I went to university in London which could not have been a more intimidating contrast to my life back home.

People give me energy and I’m genuinely interested in others and why humans behave in ways they do. So studying Sociology and Psychology was a real eye-opener and provided the basis for enabling me to approach things differently.

The Waiting Room

After graduating, I secured a job in HR. Over the next 25 years I worked my way through all levels of the HR pyramid before working in numerous senior leadership roles with global companies. A common theme with most of my roles was a lack of support for senior HR professionals. Unrecognised, unappreciated, and simply making the job work, frustratingly no one considered the human in human resources. I remember the one thing I kept hearing over and over again was: ‘You just need to make it happen!’

About Face

Until one day, out of nowhere, a huge curveball presented itself forcing me into a situation of complete anxiety, fear, and disillusionment. I accepted a role with a company that changed everything. I was forced into a situation where I had to make a difficult decision – do I stay in a role where I felt unhappy or do I take the leap and find what really lights me up?

And the solution was so incredibly simple – ‘purpose’ and ‘mindset.’ Crucially, I became aware of my blocks and what was holding me back. I left that role and my life found meaning.

Genesis Spark

That’s when I discovered NeuroCoaching and realised the incredible power of understanding what’s stopping us from creating success.

Ever feel like you’re juggling the ambitious go-getter in you with a side that’s doubting every move? Or maybe feeling strong but also a bit vulnerable at the same time? Yes, that’s the human experience for you, especially in the world of HR leadership. My work is about harmonising these opposites, transforming how we lead and live by integrating every part of our being. By accepting our whole selves, we unlock our true potential, moving not just forward, but upward.

There’s a mindset shift that needs to happen which is every bit as thrilling as the one I went through. The shift from being full of self-doubt and emotionally drained to an energised, impactful leader.

Quantum Leap

Having experienced and led HR transformation projects first-hand with some truly great brands, it was inevitable I would fulfil my potential and start my own business. In 2022 I took a leap of faith founding Culture Code, a consulting practice on a mission to help ambitious businesses put their most valuable asset – people – at the heart of their business. Then in early 2024, armed with a NeuroCoaching accreditation, I focussed my passion to coaching and mentoring senior HR professionals so you can create your own path to realising potential.

The Ripple Effect

So this is me: A passionate people advocate. An empathetic change maker. Your trusted supporter. But I’d much more interested in you. What makes you tick? Who are you when you are most alive and being the best version of yourself both personally and professionally? Maybe I can help you? If you think you and your organisation could benefit from the ripple effect of my journey, I’d love to hear from you.

My Vision

To consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional HR, championing a more holistic and human-centric perspective.

To provide the necessary skills and practical road map to uplevel and reach ambitious goals, using science based coaching and techniques to change mindset.

To strengthen connection as part of the community, encouraging empowerment and the need for change.


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